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带有内置VPN的高级隐私浏览器。 像忍者一样浏览!

使用内置的免费VPN浏览互联网而不受审查。 Yuix 隐私浏览器自动阻档在线追踪器和广告。 为您提供高级隐私和匿名。


Lifetime Premium VPN

Lifetime Premium VPN PRO是一种高速,先进,安全的VPN服务。

Lifetime Premium VPN可保护您的Internet连接,并通过隐藏您的IP地址帮助您匿名保留在Internet上。 在线保护您的隐私并访问媒体内容,无论区域如何。

Lifetime Premium VPN

Yuix Proxy VPN

适用于Mac的轻量级VPN应用程序。 享受安全无限的互联网接入。

Yuix Proxy VPN is built on Shadowsocks Proxy. Shadowsocks is a secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your Internet traffic. Your connection becomes secured with industry level encryption algorithms. Yuix Poxy VPN automatically sets a system-wide shadowsocks proxy on your system as a VPN connection.

Yuix Proxy VPN for Mac


Improve your productivity with Timelancer for Mac

Timelancer is a simple time tracking app. It stays at the menubar and records how much time you spend on each app. It takes screenshots on every 10 minutes and saves it to your computer. You can see detailed information about how you spend your time on your browser by one click.


Ninja Runner

Ninja Runner is a platformer game for iOS, Android and macOS. We will publish it soon!

Yuix Downloader

Download your songs, videos, movies and playlists from your favorite sites. It supports hundreds of websites. Download your playlists for offline listening and watching.

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