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Sınırsız ve ücretsiz dahili VPN'li, ileri seviye gizlilik sağlayan web tarayıcısı. İnternette bir hayalet gibi iz bırakmadan sörf yapın!

Dahili ücretsiz VPN sayesinde hiç bir sansüre takılmadan internette gezebilirsiniz. Yuix Browser reklamları otomatik olarak engeller. Bu sayede gereksiz veri kullanımını azaltmış olursunuz. Reklamların yanında tüm analitik takipçiler de engellenir. Bu size internette ileri seviye gizlilik sağlar.

Yuix Privacy Browser

Ready to surf the web in ghost-mode? Tired of ads continually popping up on your screen? Yuix Privacy Browser offers a wide range of security for you while you're surfing the net, automatically blocks trackers and erase your browsing history by just a click of a button, keeping your personal details to you, assuring your privacy from the moment you launch it to the second you leave it.

The technological scenery has changed dramatically, and the average web user has become more concerned about his privacy, knowing that certain group of people of organizations might be snooping into their personal affairs without their consent.

Yuix Privacy Browsers has made private browsing comprehensive and easy to use. As it has been built to isolate the device from public connections, and its program to be conscious of sites and service the user make use of. Being the topnotch browsing app that guarantees user security with enhanced privacy features is now available for iOS. With a uniquely designed user interface that doesn't include tabs and extension, making for faster browsing.

Yuix Privacy Browser offers quite a number of security features that internet users who enjoy their privacy kept to them will appreciate: avoiding online threats, opens blocked pages, passes through firewalls, removes internet censorship, top-level data encryption, hides user location and IP address, blocks ad-trackers, blocks social trackers, and blocks analytic trackers, taking your privacy to the next level.By using Yuix Privacy Browser, users are assured and can take solace in knowing that their preferred browser is one of the most secure around.


  • İnternette her siteye girdiğinizde sizi gizlice takip eden takipçiler engellenir
  • İnternet geçmişiniz, kayıtlı şifreleriniz, girdiğiniz siteler hepsi güvenlik ve gizlilik için tek tuşla kolayca silinir ve kaydı tutulmaz.
  • Dahili VPN ile gelir ve IP Adresinizi gizler
  • İnternet sansürünü kaldırır


  • Reklamları otomatik olarak engeller
  • Gizli takipçileri engeller


  • İnternetteki tüm yasakları kaldırır
  • IP Adresinizi gizler
  • İnternet bağlantınızı şifreleyerek güvenli hale getirir
  • İnternet ağınızı güvenli hale getirir
  • Ömür boyu ücretsiz VPN

If you wish to surf with an app that does both security and privacy very well, then it would be in your best interest to choose Yuix Privacy Browser, as this is our most reliable point, running on very little data and does not share information of its users

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